Information Security

Use University services

Store your files on supported University services. Use University email for University business. Protect University passwords.

Use University file stores

The University files stores (your "home" folder, the Office 365 "Onedrive" and Datastore services) are places for you to store files. They are designed to protect your files, and to ensure they are regularly and frequently backed up.

Much of the data we handle is subject to British and European laws for data protection.

More information about how data protection law applies to data stored with a third party is given here:

What is data protection?

Do not rely on your computer's internal storage

Information security is not only about protecting your files from access by unauthorised people. It is also about ensuring that the information you need is available to you when you need it.  The problem with your computer's internal storage is that it might break, get stolen or lost. The risk is also much higher for a laptop. 

Ensure you store all important files in the University file store. This protects against accidental breakages, equipment failures and theft. The automatic backups, also protect you from accidental deletion of any of your files.

More information about University file stores

Network shares

Office 365

Datastore: Storage and backup solutions

Use University email

Your email contains sensitive information.

For example: If you have any kind of "pastoral" mail concerning students, this data counts as "sensitive".

Protect your email and yourself, by using the University email service for University business.

Email and Office 365

Staffmail  (The older email service, still in use by some schools.)

Do not forward your University email to non-University email services.


Protect University Passwords

You must protect your University passwords. Keep your keyboard shielded when you are typing them. Someone may be watching, or even filming what you type.  Never reveal your passwords.