Information Security

Protecting information when working from home, or while travelling

Advice for when you use University information outside your office, at home, while travelling or when going to different countries.

Wherever you work away from the University there is some key advice to keep in mind:

Try to avoid using shared computers

When you are working at home, try to use a computer that is exclusively for you own use.

Security permissions on a shared computer may not have been appropriately configured. For example, it may be possible for any other user of the computer to overcome the permissions, gaining access to your files.

Only use computers that have been configured securely

Use an operating system that has been, or that you have, configured with security in mind and is regularly updated. Ensure "automatic updates" are turned on and use up to date anti-virus software. There are a number of good free options available. For Windows, use Defender that comes with it. For Mac users, Sophos home is a good tool.

Avoid downloading work data to your local device

Unmanaged local copies of data cause a number of issues, from loss of version control to the potential for them to be compromised where a local device has weaker security. Where possible, ensure that university data stays on university systems and storage.

Avoid printing work documents away from the office

Local copies of data can form part of a wider breach and if you do not have secure disposal available at home, this can lead to a breach of data handling good practice as laid out within the General Data Protection Regulations and Data Protection Act.

Use the University VPN if you are dealing with sensitive information

Not only does it  hide passwords from eavesdroppers, but also provides a degree of privacy, since it hides the content of your data. If you are processing sensitive data, or working from an untrusted network, you should use the VPN service.

For additional information on how to set up and use the University VPN service:

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

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Smart Devices with Microphones:

Remember to mute or turn off smart devices (such Amazon Echo or Google Home) when discussing confidential work or attending meetings from home.