Information Security

Guidance: how to conform with policy

Guidance on how to conform with information protection policies.

Use University services

Screen showing University logo
Store your files on supported University services. Use University email for University business. Protect University passwords.

Encrypt your laptop

Protect University information from being leaked if your laptop is lost or stolen.

Smartphones and tablets

Locked mobile devices
These have access to all our email. Even if they are your own devices, encrypt them, and automatically lock them.

Protecting information when working from home, or while travelling

Infographic of computer and cafe bus or plane
Advice for when you use University information outside your office, at home, while travelling or when going to different countries.

Protecting research data

Cartoon depicting screen showing graphs of data
We need to protect our research intellectual property, and need to open it out to all when we publish it.

Social media

Infographic showing social media icons
Care we need to take whether working outside work hours or not, or even using a private social media account.

Using BYOD or Self-Managed

Infographic of person carrying a laptop
Guidance when using a "bring-your-own-device" at work, or when you manage the configuration of a computer yourself.