Information Security

Think before clicking

Take care what you click on. Phishing is the most common kind of attack.


Phishing is the kind of attack that works by trying to get you to click on something, which then attacks or installs malware on your computer, or tries to extract some kind of information from you. Phishing also comes by phone or texts, or any method that involves trying to persaude you to reveal information.

Learn how to recognise and avoid phishing.

The University is now undertaking siumulated phishing training for staff, providing immediate training for those that interact with the emails and building resilience.

Further information on Simulated Phishing 


If You Believe You Have Been Sent or have clicked on a Phishing Email

If you believe you have been sent a phishing email or clicked on the contents then report it immediately to the IS Helpline:

Contact: IS Helpline