Information Security

Contacting the Information Security Team, or reporting a security incident

Contact details for the Information Security team and who to contact in the event of a breach.

Reporting an Information Security Breach

If you are the victim of an information security attack: phishing, a computer virus infection, or even receive an email message that you think may leave other University members particularly vulnerable, report it to the IS Helpline:

You can send the suspicious email as an attachment to where it will be collated with other reports of the same attack. 

Sending the email as an attachment preserves the email headers and gives us a better chance of stopping any further attempts to propagate the email.

Please do not send screenshots or forwarded copies of the email, as it will not give us this data.


Contacting the Information Security Team

If you have a more general Security Query, want to get in touch about some work you are doing for the university or have any feedback regarding the Information Security Webpages the email address for the team is: