University Website Publishing

Web content tools and URL shortener

The Website Publishing team supply a number of widgets and tools including a URL shortener, which can be used on University websites to comply with cookies legislation or to more easily integrate with University systems.

Access the widgets

Widget Description Link
Google map embed (including single pinned location) Allows you to create a customised Google Map without privacy-invasive cookies. The tool provides a small amount of HTML code which can be used to embed the map on your website. Google map embed
PURE profile embed Allows you to search for a researcher and display their academic profile and a list of their publications on your website. PURE profile embed
Twitter feed embed Allows you to display a cookie free Twitter feed on your web pages. Twitter feed embed
URL shortener - Quickly shorten any large URL to an short URL. URL shortener
Video embeds - YouTube and Vimeo (including playlists) This tool uses YouTube or Vimeo video URLs and outputs a small amount of HTML code. You can use it to place cookie free video resources on your web pages. Video embeds - YouTube/Vimeo

These widgets are only for use within the domain.

Cookies legislation

We identified that some popular features on our websites were also making use of privacy-invasive cookies, putting the University in breach of EU legislation.

We have provided cookies-free alternatives to these features.

Cookie guidance - Website Support wiki [EASE login required]