University Website Publishing

Site appraisal tools

We offer support for a range of tools that will help you to monitor how people are using your site. These are available for everyone using the domain name, regardless of whether you use EdWeb.

Google Analytics

The University web stats are collected using a free tool called Google Analytics. Web stats can give you all sorts of useful information about your site visitors, such as how many of them there are, where they are from and what keywords they used to find your site.

Further information is available on our wiki.

Google Analytics [University login required]

InSites (Silktide) automated site checker

InSites is an external service that reports on a wide range of aspects of website quality including spelling mistakes, broken links and missing accessibility information.

Read the information on the wiki and then get in touch if you'd like us to run a report for your website.

InSites [University login required]

Crazy Egg click analysis

Crazy Egg reports on how visitors interact with a webpage, generating a range of screenshots overlaid with data about what was clicked and when.

It's a Javascript reference which is added directly to the pages in your EdWeb site.

This is managed centrally. Get in touch if you’d like us to add it to pages on your site.

Crazy Egg [University login required]

Effective Digital Content

If your website analysis shows you might want to update or tweak your website copy, you might want to refresh your writing for the web skills to ensure your website content is working as well as it should for you.