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Effective Digital Content

This session is mandatory if you need access to EdWeb or EdWeb 2. It is open to all staff and is available online.

This editorial training course covers good practice in writing and structuring information for the web. It also includes guidance on GDPR and improving performance in search engine results.

What you’ll learn

Find out how to:

  • get your critical information noticed
  • make your content more accessible
  • improve your search engine rankings
  • meet data protection legislation

Who should enrol?

This course is available to all University staff.

The topics in the course will be relevant to any staff who create digital content for the University.

This includes staff who create content for:

  • a University website
  • an internal site (for example on Confluence or SharePoint)

The material will be relevant whether you publish this content directly or pass it to colleagues to put online. 

The course is deliberately non-technical.

Study online

You can complete the course at any time, at your own pace. It should take around two hours altogether. 

The course is available to staff on People and Money:

Enrol now

How and why we developed the online version

On our team blog, you can read more about the development of this course in Learn.

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