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We manage the University search engine, powered by Funnelback, which is available to all sites within the domain.

Our search features ways to search content and access results, including autosuggestions and a customised output for profile pages.

Read more about the features of our new search engine on our blog

Search filtering features

Our search includes the following options:

  • 'Just this site' search feature to allow users to filter their search to the site they started the search from
  • 'Newest' or by 'relevance' results sorting

If you want searches originating from your site to feature the "just this site" tab, please contact us with your site's web address.

Issues with search results

As the search engine collects data on searches and usage, results will continue to improve so that rankings accurately reflect top content around the University. We will be working in the background to tune results, and monitor where results are not reflecting top content around the University.

If you have business critical search terms that are providing very poor results, please provide us with details of the term used, and suggested result, so that we can fix them - and analyse why the search is providing inaccurate results.

Website support

Contact details

Adding your site to the search engine

Newly launched sites need to be manually added to our crawler. If you have a new site and want it to be indexed, please contact us with your site's web address.

Can I use the search service on my site?

The search service is not just for EdWeb and can index all public web pages hosted in domains. It's important for consistency that as many sites as possible within the domain use the central functionality. Get in touch via Website Support if you'd like help implementing the search on your subdomain.

Website search implementation guidance (Website Support wiki - secure signin required)

Updating your telephone details

If you are looking to update your phone number on search, please follow the instructions from the IS website on how to change these.

Update your telephone details