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Cookie services and tools

We can help you monitor, remove or replace website functionality that sets privacy invasive cookies. It’s important to do this to meet legislation.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a simple text file set by websites that you visit and are saved on your computer. Most are harmless but as they can be used for tracking your website browsing history there is a potential privacy concern which led to the European Commission taking legislative action.

Information Commissioner's Office general cookie guidance

Widgets to remove cookies

The University Website Programme has created a number of software 'widgets' to remove the need to use third party services that set cookies.

These widgets are small blocks of code you can easily add to your site. Our services replace and replicate functionality, such as our Twitter feed widget, or they explicitly ask the user for consent, such as our YouTube widget.

Third part content tools (widgets)

Why do we need to remove cookies?

We have worked collaboratively with the University Records Management section to make sure that the University complies with privacy legislation.

Records Management Section

We also believe that taking an open stance can help promote awareness of online privacy, demonstrate the core values of the University’s business and to show the University to be a reliable and trustworthy institution.