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Strategic goals support

We’ve worked with colleagues across the University to successfully develop digital strategies and improve their web presences.

IS Helpline (since 2016)

We have been working with the Helpline team to enhance the quality and efficiency of IT support to students, and to improve self service capability. We have been undertaking an iterative cycle of student research and self-service material enhancement, with the focus on issues that cost IS the most in terms of Helpline support overhead.

IT Help website

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Human Resources (2017)

We worked with University HR Services (UHRS) to improve their website and their digital communications more broadly.

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Student Experience Services (2016-17)

We did some work to support the Student Experience Services Communications (SES Comms) project.

As part of this, we reviewed the Personal Tutors and Student Support Officers (PTs and SSOs) website to ensure it successfully met its objectives of providing easy access to key advice and guidance for staff in these roles working to support students.

Personal Tutors and Student Support Officers website

We also worked to rebuild the Student Counselling website to improve the student experience on the site and make things easier to manage for the service.

Student Counselling website

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Student Experience Project (2013-2015)

Our editorial team had 1 FTE to support the Student Experience Project.

Our work in this area included:

  • leading the ongoing management of the Student Experience Project website and supporting online activity of the Project's strands
  • researching, communicating and addressing specific student experience issues, comprising:
  • persona development

  • content development for new strands on corporate website content audits
  • workshops with the wider team to consider how we can work together to enhance the student experience online

Enhancing the student experience - information for staff

Student Experience Project wiki - how the University Website Programme is involved

Global Academies (2012-2015)

The four Global Academies are part of the Edinburgh Global initiative, and aim to develop a global network of experts capable of finding innovative solutions to the world’s most challenging problems. The development and maintenance of the online presence for the Global Academies was one of our key projects.

Strands of work included:

  • continuous maintenance of the Global Development Academy, Global Environment & Society Academy and Global Health Academy websites as well as the overarching Academies website
  • regular review and appraisal of the online presence for all four Academies (including the Global Justice Academy, which sits outside the corporate CMS)
  • bespoke training, support and development for Academies website staff

Global Academies website

Postgraduate online experience enhancement project (2011-12)

With the support of central unit and college office prospective postgraduate and website managers, a paper was drafted to recommend investment beginning in 2012-13 to cover:

  • creation of a role taking direct responsibility for the online postgraduate experience
  • enhancements to the degree finder
  • revision of content on the central website and those of key stakeholders
  • development of an intelligent FAQ system to reduce the number of unnecessary email inquiries.

Quality - ELIR (2011)

This project demonstrated the efficiencies to be gained by Colleges and Schools when they share a content management system. The Website Programme Team helped the Quality Unit in SASG draft guidelines for essential and desirable content, in preparation for the 2011 Institutional Review (ELIR). The Team also delivered a framework of editorial guidelines, created essential copy for selective re-use, and led the pro-active management of content revisions and development across School and College sites.

Quality Unit website

Edinburgh Sustainability (SRS) (2011)

The website was launched in October 2010 to coincide with the launch of the Edinburgh Sustainability Awards. The second phase of content was published in May 2011 to support and enhance the print publication of Social Responsibility and Sustainability Highlights. All stakeholders are delighted with the results and further additions are being made on an ongoing basis.

Edinburgh Sustainability website

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