University Website Publishing

Why Drupal for EdWeb?

We developed EdWeb using Drupal, a flexible open source technology which brings new opportunities in terms of speed of development and collaboration.

Drupal is a widely used CMS with an active global user community and is already used by several groups in the University.

It’s used at both enterprise (large scale, across organisations) and small-scale levels. This will accommodate needs at different levels of the University organisational hierarchy and facilitate better collaboration and mutual support.

Drupal is open-source (maintained by a huge pool of developers collaborating worldwide on a not-for-profit basis), quickly evolving in response to changes in the global environment. It’s also an increasingly popular choice in the higher education sector in the UK and abroad.

We felt that using this platform for EdWeb, and engaging in this development community, supported us in our aim of becoming more adaptive and responsive to change, and to incrementally improve the University web presence on an ongoing basis.

Vision for EdWeb, our University CMS