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HTML blocks and widgets

Tech Users can add HTML blocks to the asset store to be reused. This is most commonly used for University widgets, for example the video publisher or a Twitter feed.

Why use HTML blocks?

HTML blocks are most commonly used for University widgets, due to European Union cookies legislation.

Why use HTML blocks?

View widgets

A widget is a way to display content from third party sources. See examples of all University widgets in context.

Maps - Embed a Google map

PURE - Embed research data from the Edinburgh Research Explorer

Twitter - Add a Twitter feed

Video publisher - Add videos from YouTube or Vimeo

Practical guidance

Find out how to use HTML blocks, and understand your obligations when setting external cookies.

Using HTML blocks in EdWeb - practical guidance

Web application (proxying content)

If you want to bring in a lot of third party content, you can use the Web Application content type to do this.

Proxies - types of page

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