Demonstrating EdWeb

YouTube playlists

You can publish an entire YouTube playlist using the University widget.

YouTube playlists show a range of associated videos, and you can add one of these using the University widget.


Remember that not all users will be able to access the widgets. It's important to give the information in text form, too.

EdWeb demonstration videos

This YouTube playlist plays seven videos detailing the features and functionality of EdWeb. These include:

  • Content reuse (4:52)
  • Editing experience (3:00)
  • CMS login and preview (1:54)
  • Dashboard (1:05)
  • Proxy video (2:06)
  • Overview content type (1:08)
  • Homepages (2:26)

Responsive video

The widget has been updated so that videos are responsive in EdWeb. Videos embedded with code generated before this change will need to be updated.

This is an example of the same video using old non-responsive code. Any videos like this on a site should be updated so that they can be easily viewed on different devices.

Practical guidance - video widget

Using the video publisher - guidance on the Website Support wiki [EASE login required]