Demonstrating EdWeb

Single videos from YouTube or Vimeo

The video publisher tool allows you to share videos that have been uploaded onto YouTube or Vimeo.

You can embed a single video from either YouTube or Vimeo using the video publisher tool and an HTML asset.


Remember that not all users will be able to access the widgets. It's important to give the information in text form, too.

The ideal for accessibility is that your video is fully subtitled (for those unable to hear the audio track), with a link to a full transcript (for those unable to play the video at all). However, at minimum you need to include a short summary, to give visitors an idea of what to expect.

Vimeo example

The example below is taken from Vimeo; YouTube videos display in exactly the same way.

This roughly five-minute instructional video will show you how to reuse content across sites in EdWeb.


If you're not able to watch or listen to the video, you can download a transcript.


You can see how single videos display in YouTube in our showcase videos section. These show the video transcripts in-page, which can be useful for short videos as it helps the page to perform well in search engines.

Showcase videos

Practical guidance - video widget

Using the video publisher - guidance on the Website Support wiki [EASE login required]