Demonstrating EdWeb

Text-based content

You can publish a text block in more than one place by using a content asset.

Sometimes you might want to reuse the same piece of text-based content across a number of pages, for example opening times of a service, application deadlines, or key points about a programme.

Reused content is called a content asset.

  • When a piece of content is marked for re-use, EdWeb will automatically hide it in navigation, not index in search engines and create an asset in the asset store for you to use. ¬†
  • When it's used on a page, the summary of the reused content is not displayed.
  • It's not currently possible to reuse content within an existing reused content block.


This site uses reusable content asset in several different places. There is nothing to suggest to a website visitor that a content asset is being used, but you will notice on the page that the content is the same. When this content asset is edited in EdWeb, it will automatically update in all the different places it is used.

HTML blocks and widgets

The heading 'Accessibility' used on several of the widget pages, and the sentence below it, uses a reusable content asset.

Document publisher widget

Maps widget

Video publisher

Page elements

The table 'Formatting within elements', used on two pages within the page elements section, is also an example of reused text-based content.

Text formatting - page elements

Tagging - page elements

Practical guidance

Reusing text-based content - EdWeb Support wiki [EASE login needed]