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You can set a single instance of a generic or personal contact box to appear in multiple places on your site.

There are a variety of fields available in the contact asset, including titles, award and contact details. There is also an 'extra details' field, for adding information that doesn't fit into the template. We recommend that you only use the fields you need, to avoid overwhelming visitors.


Person contact

Neil Allison

Head of Student Web Content

Contact details

Generic contact

University Website Publishing

Contact details



Argyle House, Floor H West
3 Lady Lawson Street

Post Code

The 'Contact us' link at the top right-hand corner of this site takes you our contact page, where you can also see the contact element in action.

Contact us

Staff profiles

You can also publish full profiles of staff members, including contact details, research papers, career history and more.

Staff profiles

Practical guidance

Adding a contact asset - EdWeb Support wiki [EASE login required]