Demonstrating EdWeb

Web forms

EdWeb allows you to create a very wide variety of forms. You must understand best practice in form creation, as well as the basics of how EdWeb forms work, before we can give you access to web forms.

Creating forms - good practice

Guidance on creating usable forms, including a presentation for our Web Publishers' Community session, is on the Website Support wiki.

Best practice in creating web forms [EASE login required]

Building forms - how to use forms in EdWeb

The EdWeb support wiki has detailed guidance on all aspects on form creation.

Forms - EdWeb Guides [EASE login required]

Register as a forms user

You need to opt-in to add or edit forms in EdWeb.

Register to use forms (opens in UniDesk Self-Service Portal)

Help building forms

If you're nervous about creating a form, we can work with you to help create your form.

Contact Website Support