Demonstrating EdWeb


There are two different ways to use images in your proxied content.

You can use images within proxied content on one of two ways. Your images will align as stated in your proxy. We recommend you match the alignment setting with those used by EdWeb.

Using images on generic content pages

Uploading to EdWeb

This image was uploaded to EdWeb. It is referenced by using a relative URL, leading EdWeb to search within the uploads for this proxy page.

View of Calton Hill

Referencing the direct absolute URL

This image is hosted in the proxied application hosting server. It is referenced by using an absolute URL, leading EdWeb to load it by making a call to the external server.

Old College


Remember that you are still responsible for the accessibility of all proxied content. All images must include alt text.

The importance of alt text - Website Support wiki [EASE login required]

Practical guidance

There is comprehensive guidance about the web application content type on the EdWeb support wiki.

EdWeb guides - web application content type [EASE login required]