Demonstrating EdWeb

Profile overview

Profile overview pages allow you to list staff members from all over the University, giving brief contact information and linking to their full profile.


Text fields on the page allow you to split long lists into categories.

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role Email Phone number
Neil Allison Head of Prospective Student Web Content
Lizzie Cass-Maran Content Development Officer 0131 651 5285

Category 2

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role Email Phone number
Bruce Darby Project Manager
Stratos Filalithis (he/him) Head of Website & Communication Technologies 0131 651 5203


You can filter which columns show in the table. The example below only includes name and role.

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role
Lauren Tormey Senior Content Designer
John Wilson Editorial Assistant

You can also see a live example of profile overview and profile pages on the University Website Publishing site.

Our team - University Website Programme

Contact boxes

If you just want to share basic contact information for an individual or unit, you can use the reusable contact atom. These can be embedded in most page types.

Contact boxes - Reusable content


Practical guidance

Building profile overviews - EdWeb support wiki [EASE login]

Creating staff profiles - EdWeb support wiki [EASE login]