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Overview pages

The overview aids navigation and acts as the top of a group of generic content pages.

Each suite of pages sitting below a homepage must begin with an overview page, to help users navigate around your site.

Overview pages can be generated automatically or crafted manually - or a mix of the two - but you should always use the overview content type regardless of what approach you take.

Overview pages are guides to the section

Overview pages should only ever contain a summary of what can be found in the section - even though you can choose how you display this information.

Automatic overviews

Putting an overview page with the correct settings at the top of your section means you never have to edit it manually.  EdWeb will automatically pull content from each of your pages to build an overview - using the title, summary and any associated image. Overview panes can have a different design depending on the importance you assign to them.


Associated images set - example overview page from this site (Structure and design)

No associated images set - example overview page from this site (Page elements)

Manual overviews

If you have a very specific need from your overview page, you can choose to override the automatic settings. Remember this is likely to mean more work for you, in creating and maintaining that page.


Manual overview page - example from this site (HTML blocks and widgets)

Mixed approach

It's likely that rather than building an overview page entirely manually, you will want to use a mixed approach - mostly pulling in information automatically, but allowing for a little more flexibility.


Mixed approach overview page - example on this site (Page types - this section)

Practical guidance

Creating an overview page - EdWeb Support wiki [EASE login required]

Watch video

Watch our showcase video on overview pages.

Managing overview pages - Showcase videos