Demonstrating EdWeb

Types of page

Different kinds of pages display differently in EdWeb. It's important to make sure you're using the right kind of page, known as content types.

Core content types

Each website is made up of a single homepage, overview pages and generic content pages.


The homepage is the entry point to a website and should summarise its key elements.

Overview pages

The overview aids navigation and acts as the top of a group of generic content pages.

Generic content

Generic content pages are adaptable and can be used for a range of content including text, images and video.

Additional content types

You can also add other types of pages within your site, for specific, commonly used functions.

Event listings

Staff profiles


Proxied pages

Restricted pages

You can restrict any type of page so that it can only be viewed by visitors who are logged into EASE.

Restricted pages [EASE authentication required] (secured)