User Experience (UX) service

Workshopping and collaboration essentials

This session introduces the core principles of running a design thinking workshop, and emphasises the value of taking a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to planning, prioritisation and problem solving.

How the session is delivered

  • Seminar on why collaboration between disciplines, with stakeholders and with users is valuable, and the return it brings
  • Practical session in small groups running through core activities I use in the majority of my workshops
  • Practical workshop activities to begin collaboratively exploring a hypothetical design challenge

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session, attendees will have:

  • An appreciation of the basic principles that underpin any collaborative workshop, and where to turn for inspiration to develop activities that support particular project requirements
  • Experience of participating in a demo workshop that illustrates the key points, and provides a solid basis for the kick off of a project in terms of target users, their needs and business requirements

How to book

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Participant feedback

The workshop techniques were excellent. I spent time engaging in my group, but at the same time thinking how I could implement them in my business area.


This video summarises workshopping, why we do it and how we can help your business unit plan and execute digital projects more effectively.

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