User Experience (UX) service

Usability testing training

This session covers how to organise and execute research sessions that involve observing target users interacting with a system, service or website to identify where their biggest issues lie.

About the training

Observing and interviewing people as they use your product is a great way to get an immediate feel for how easy it is to complete their most important tasks.

Regular, direct exposure to representative users has been shown to be the single, best way to improve the usability of a product and the user focus of the team managing it.

Usability testing: learn more about this research technique

How the session is delivered

  • Seminar covering everything a beginner needs to know
  • Live demo of facilitated usability testing
  • Practical activity in pairs, with coaching

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session, attendees will have:

  • A sound understanding of the basics of usability testing and where to turn to learn more
  • Practical experience of usability testing both as a facilitator and participant
  • Insight into a website or application of their choice through facilitating usability tests with 2 other attendees

How to book

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Participant feedback

Simple, relevant exercises which make sense of how to put the methodology into practice in the workplace.