User Experience (UX) service

Prototyping essentials

This session introduces prototyping in the context of user experience.

About the course

We approach it as the process of exploring a design concept with users  to establish as quickly and cheaply as possible whether there is value in progressing it towards a working solution.

We also look at how prototyping can be a productive means to research user needs through co-creation activities.

Prototyping: learn more about this research technique

How the session is delivered

  • Seminar introduction to the value and practice of prototyping in a UX context – a quick and cheap means to validate and communicate ideas
  • Experience of participating in a demo workshop that illustrates a collaborative approach to generate design ideas quickly and build consensus for an approach
  • Practical activity in small groups to iteratively solve a design problem on paper and test concepts with users

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session, attendees will have:

  • An appreciation of the value of UX prototyping, when and how to apply it in the development of products and services
  • Practical experience of applying prototyping skills to a design problem as a team
  • All resources and support materials needed to integrate these techniques into their own projects

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Participant feedback

The iterative collaborative sketching technique was really useful.