User Experience (UX) service

Introduction to persona development

In this session we explore the core principles and develop proto-personas building on the concepts and scenario introduced in the workshop essentials session.

About the course

Personas can serve a number of purposes in a user-centred project; supporting research summarisation, stakeholder communication and project planning.

Personas: learn more about this research technique

How the session is delivered

  • Seminar introduction to the purpose and value of persona generation – a means to synthesize user insight and externalise stakeholder assumptions, producing user archetypes (personas) that can inform development decisions and bring greater focus to a project or service
  • Practical activity in small groups to develop proto-personas for a design scenario. The personas developed are prioritised by the group and used in subsequent sessions

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session, attendees will have:

  • An appreciation of the value of personas in the context of user experience
  • Understanding of when and how to apply the technique to support stakeholder alignment and team communication
  • Practical experience of developing personas in a collaborative workshop environment to support the exploration of a design problem
  • All resources and support materials needed to integrate these techniques into their own projects

How to book

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Participant feedback

The practical elements [of prototype-persona creation] were fun and informative.