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Experience mapping essentials

In this session we look at how exposure to end users and collaborative stakeholder exercises can be synthesized into summary representations of user experiences, and utilised as a basis for solution ideas generation that can subsequently be tried out prior to significant development effort.

About the course

Mapping is a highly collaborative process, providing a means to summarise user research into ‘as-is’ scenarios, and to outline ‘to-be’ scenarios both from the perspective of the end user and of a potential service.

Maps may be worked up into high-fidelity communications tools, as well as providing an ongoing work-in-progress collaboration space as a project progresses.

Experience mapping: learn more about this research technique

How the session is delivered

  • Seminar introduction to the value and practice of experience mapping
  • Practical activity in small groups, continuing the scenario introduced in earlier sessions to explore a design problem through the lens of priority users

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session, attendees will have:

  • An understanding of how mapping exercises can be used to communicate current experiences, to explore design problems and generate ideas for potential solutions
  • An appreciation of how and when to use the technique using interaction with end users, stakeholders and/or other sources of insight
  • All resources and support materials needed to integrate these techniques into their own projects

How to book

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Participant feedback

I found it useful to interview people on their experiences and can see how useful this would be for finding goals, pain points etc.