User Experience (UX) service


Our six modules form a 3-day UX and Design Thinking training course which runs several times a year, plus online training is available on demand. We can build bespoke sessions that meet your team's needs and availability.

Usability testing training

Usability testing
This session covers how to organise and execute research sessions that involve observing target users interacting with a system, service or website to identify where their biggest issues lie.

Collaborative usability testing review

room of usability testing participants
This session covers how to prioritise the results of usability testing research collaboratively, using techniques that integrate easily into an agile development methodology.

Workshopping and collaboration essentials

This session introduces the core principles of running a design thinking workshop, and emphasises the value of taking a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to planning, prioritisation and problem solving.

Introduction to persona development

In this session we explore the core principles and develop proto-personas building on the concepts and scenario introduced in the workshop essentials session.

Experience mapping essentials

Experience mapping
In this session we look at how exposure to end users and collaborative stakeholder exercises can be synthesized into summary representations of user experiences, and utilised as a basis for solution ideas generation that can subsequently be tried out prior to significant development effort.

Prototyping essentials

group shot of trainees at table
This session introduces prototyping in the context of user experience.

Availability of training sessions

Our three-day UX training course runs several times a year for University staff. Spaces are limited and colleagues working in particular roles or for particular projects may be prioritised.

On-demand UX training on LinkedIn Learning

On-demand videos and training resources are available to staff and students via LinkedIn Learning. We've curated a playlist to get you started.


Staff who come along to our UX training sessions enjoy seeing the theory behind user experience techniques being put into practice.