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Prototyping involves exploring and validating how an idea or concept will work.

What is it?

Prototypes are draft versions of your product you can test with users early in the design process and make changes quickly and cheaply. They are also an effective way of communicating ideas with stakeholders, designers and developers, helping ensure a more robust end solution.

When to use

Prototyping should be used early in a project as it allows you to gather feedback from users before you've spent too much time or money on developing a product.

Read our case study of prototypes: API user research

How to

UX Service training

Get training in prototyping as part of our UX training package.

Prototyping essentials training

Online training

If you’re looking for online training, University of Edinburgh staff (non-visiting) can access Chris Nodder’s Prototyping training on

Paper Prototyping on


You can create prototypes using the Balsamiq software package, which is available to University of Edinburgh staff members through the wiki:

Prototyping wiki

Prototyping - introduction to Balsamiq on the University Website Programme blog

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