User Experience (UX) service

Measuring success

The Standards lay out in detail how to assess your project.

You should read through the Standards and measures as they relate to each phase of the project before your project starts, so you can plan effectively.

The documents on this page include detailed measures as to how you can assess how your project is doing, as well as further reading to fully understand the Standards.

Identify user needs

In the first stage assessed by the Standards, you need to carry out research to uncover the needs of your users. The project team must understand the plan for engaging with end users, the EdGEL service, and accessibility standards.

Design solution - Validate user needs

In Phase 2, you need to check and record insight, and use this to develop usable prototypes.

Build solution - Validate user needs

As the final stage measured by the Standards, you complete the third and final formal assessment with input from the project team, confirming whether standards were followed and achieved.

Understanding the design phases

Our Design phases section explains each of the three phases in detail, including short videos.

Design phases