User Experience (UX) service

Online Learning UX agency recruitment support

We provided advice and support to an online degree marketing project team, as they sought to scope out a user research project and recruit an external agency to undertake the work.

The client

Higher education marketing specialists Stewart Laing and Lauren Johnston-Smith are leading an online web marketing project seeking to enhance the experience of prospective students, and are based in Learning, Teaching and Web in Information Services.

The challenge

As the team scoped an initial discovery exercise to establish the full extent of issues encountered by potential online degree applicants, they identified they wished to undertake some usability testing to compliment website analytics, search engine optimisation and content audit work they were also planning.

We worked with them to help ensure they developed a research brief that complimented the other areas of discovery work planned, and to procure an external UX agency that could deliver to the required timeframe, budget and quality.

What we did

Collaborating across the whole research brief, we developed the user research element, identifying potential bidders for an ‘invitation to quote’ service-procurement exercise and, once the project team had engaged with their preferred potential partners, contributed to the appraisal of the subsequent proposals.

Outcomes and benefits

The research project has been very successful, with the UX agency recruited delivering high quality insight on time and budget. This has directly informed subsequent phases of research, website development and engagement with the community of online degree stakeholders across the University.

We continued to meet regularly with both the project team and the UX agency throughout the project, contributing insight gathered from other similar projects, providing feedback on the work delivered and supporting the dissemination of both the research and the aims of the project across the University.

The UX agency were subsequently employed to contribute to the next phase of project activity to validate content requirements and potential information architectures, and the working relationship continues.

The insight arising from the project has been incorporated back into the work of the UX Service, and is available to future projects, potentially informing their scope and reducing the need for new user research.

Client quotes

The UX Service team provided invaluable direction and insight throughout the procurement process of a specialist UX agency. During the project the team’s knowledge and insight regarding previous UX work and other existing UX projects ensured we implemented approaches which were aligned with current views of best practice.

Stewart LaingOnline Learning Marketing Project Manager,  Learning, Teaching and Web, Information Services