User Experience (UX) service

Staff and student log in experiences

We conducted three rounds of usability testing and facilitated collaborative design workshops to help the EASE authentication service team significantly improve the usability of their business-critical service.

EASE is the University’s single sign-in service. It provides access to almost all restricted resources and services for students, staff and visitors.

The main driver for the project was to make EASE more secure and less prone to being faked via phishing attempts. To help achieve this, the sign-in process was updated to include a two-step sign in, requiring users to enter their username and password on separate screens.

What we did

We conducted multiple rounds of usability testing, facilitated collaborative workshops and created prototypes throughout the redesign of EASE., including:

  • reviewing available service data to understand the most common paths through the system and the scenarios that generated most support requests 
  • mapping user interface flows
  • agreeing priority scenarios of use
  • creating test scripts around representative use cases involving staff and students 
  •  conducting ad-hoc (or guerrilla) usability tests with students and staff
  • a collaborative playback session
  • collaborative sketching 

Benefits to the service team

The service team also saw this project as an opportunity to realign interfaces with University standards, to improve ease of use and thereby reduce the number of support requests received by first line support.

As a developer, working with the UX Service allowed me to receive real user feedback quickly, and hard data enabling us to focus our efforts. We were better able to concentrate on the most important core features and those that required the most attention, rather than those that were rarely used.

Matt AddamsWeb Architect

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