Subtitling Media Pilot Project


This project aimed to subtitle some of the University’s most popular public-facing content using automated subtitles, corrected by student employees.

The University of Edinburgh ran a 12-week subtitling for Media pilot project over the summer of 2019 that investigated the feasibility, viability and cost of a student-led transcription service. The project also focused on ways to improve the digital skills of staff and promote culture change, as well as carrying out research and development activities.  

As new legislation is implemented on content accessibility, the pilot evaluated different approaches to the provision of media subtitling, including a student-led service and self-help through training.  The project also explored research in this area and engaged colleagues across Schools and Colleges on what long-term solutions might be feasible.  

Read the full project report: PDF

Why use subtitles?

Our blog 'I'm sorry, can you repeat that?' on the Digital Learning Applications and Media blog details some of the importance of using subtitles.

I'm sorry, can you repeat that?' - Digital Learning Applications and Media blog

Watch the video

Watch our video interview with Anne-Marie Scott (Business Owner) and Karen Beggs (Project Manager) introducing the Subtitling for Media Project on Media Hoppes

Introduction video - Subtitling Project - Media Hopper (7 minutes 28 seconds)