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Study Space Restrictions, Guidance and Support - Semester 1, 2020

We want to make it as easy and possible for you, our students, to find, book and use study spaces across the various University of Edinburgh campuses. Your safety is our primary concern, and in order to adhere to strict Covid-19 health and safety measures and standards, we have had to significantly reduce the number of study spaces made available to you.

Study Space – Semester 1, 2020

As a result of the physical distancing measures required in light of Covid-19, there will be fewer study spaces available. In order to provide additional study spaces, we are currently converting some buildings to create new study centres. More details about these will be provided on this page as they become open.

Easy steps to booking

In order to access centrally managed study spaces, you must book the space in advance. There will some locally managed study spaces available in schools and colleges. To book a study space you must use our new app SeatEd@UofE, available to download on iOS or Android. Alternatively, if you do not have access to a smartphone, you can use our online SeatEd booking system.

SeatED will allow you to book a time slot for an assigned desk, and will allow you to choose whether you require study space with a computer or just a desk.

You are advised to take and save a screen shot of your study space booking confirmation when it is displayed.  You may be asked to show this when you arrive at the study space to confirm your booking.

Booking, Checking in and Checking out in easy steps

1. Book a study space

The first thing you’ll need to do is find an available and convenient study space, then book it. You can use the SeatED@UofE app to do this, just click below to download the app. 

SeatED@UofE (Apple Store)

SeatED@UofE (Google Play Store)

Alternatively, if you do not have access to a smartphone, you can book, check in and check out of study spaces using the online SeatEd booking system. Just click below. 

SeatEd Booking System

Please Note: The SeatED does not currently work in Internet Explorer - Please use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

When you’ve made your booking, take a quick screenshot of the confirmation, just in case when you get to the building there’s any kind of technical issue. Hopefully not. But a screenshot will make things a lot easier for you to get in quickly and use your space.

2. Find your study space

Your booking confirmation will confirm to you the building, floor and colour code location reference of your study space. Buildings are clearly sign-posted inside and out and study spaces are colour coded to help you find your desk using your individual desk name confirmation.

3. Check in and check out

We have listened to feedback from students, and are making some improvements to study space bookings  as a result. From 25th October, study spaces will be available to book for a variety of durations during the day and evening and will no longer be restricted to two-hour daytime and longer evening-only durations. ​​​When you start using your study space, and when you finish, please check-in and check-out. This is easy to do. Simply open the SeatEd@UofE app and scan the QR code on your desk name label.

Alternatively, if you are using the online SeatED booking system, go into your booking and progress to check-in. Enter the desk name (you don’t need to enter the number, just the name) and then simply click CHECK-IN. Same again when you’re finished, click CHECK-OUT.

  • Students can hold up to 2 bookings per day.
  • A maximum of 14 bookings overall can be held at any given time

From early November you will no longer be restricted to two bookings per day. Instead, you will be able to book up to 20 hours over seven days in a way that suits you.

Any Questions?

There is a more detailed review of the process that you can access here on our Study Space page, or, contact our EdHelp team either online or if you are at the Main Library and King’s Buildings, visit the onsite team in person - they are more than happy to help. 

 Availability of study spaces

Beginning 14 September, study spaces will be opened in a phased manner. Many libraries will be open for browsing.

This page will be updated as study spaces are opened.

 Student FAQ

Remember you can always contact EdHelp with any queries.

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