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Quiet & silent study

There is an expectation that the level of noise in study spaces in the libraries will be kept to a minimum. However, there are a number of areas around the University which have been specifically designated as quiet or silent. Signage indicates if an area has been designated ‘quiet’ or silent’. Please respect your fellow students and move elsewhere if you want to chat.

Quiet study signange

Quiet study

Designated quiet study space can be found at the following locations:

Central Area

  • Main Library - Floors 1-4 and Lower Ground Floor.
  • New College Library - The David Welsh Reading Room.
  • ECA Library - Level 1.

King's Buildings

  • Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library - Floor 2.
  • James Clerk Maxwell Learning and Teaching Cluster's quiet study room (Room 3315) is closed for redevelopment and will become a managed Training Room.
  • Murchison House - Lower Ground Floor: LG.01 - Open access computer lab; LG.12 - Open access/teaching computer lab.

Other areas

  • Lady Smith of Kelvin Veterinary Library
  • Royal Infirmary Library
  • Western General Library

Silent study

Areas designated, ‘Silent study’ are reserved for silent study only with strictly no talking. Silent study areas can be found at the following locations:

Central Area

  • Law and Europa Library - all areas.
  • Moray House Library - all areas.
  • New College Library Hall.
  • ECA Library - Ground Floor (Level 0).
  • Main Library - Floor 5. (Please note this area has no PCs, however, there are floor points where laptops can be connected).

King's Buildings

  • The Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library - Floor 3.