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Main Library desktop power supplies

In response to your requests, we're pleased to announce that an electrical socket and USB port are to be installed on all study desks from the Lower Ground Floor to Floor 5 enabling you to charge your devices more easily.

Image of desktop supplies being installed

The installations will be carried out throughout Semester 1 and are expected to be completed by 3 December.

Whilst every attempt will be taken to ensure disruption is minimised there will be an element of unavoidable noise as these works are carried out. Work is currently taking place between 07:30-18:00 with all drilling confined to 07:30-09:00. Barriers and notices are in place to alert you to the areas being worked on.

Thank you for your understanding as these works are carried out.



Please note all dates below are subject to change and will be updated here as work progresses. (Electrical sockets are being installed initially and will be follwed by USB ports in due course).

Date of work Floor Electrical sockets installed USB ports installed
11 September - 11 October Floor 4 All desks

Desks 481-552

12 - 23 October Floor 5    
24 - 31 October Floor 1    
1 - 3 November Ground Floor    
6 - 9 November Lower Ground Floor    
9 - 26 November Floor 2    
27 November - 3 December Floor 3    


If you have any queries about this work please contact: