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Study space with computers

A range of study space with computers and computing equipment is available across the University campus. Real time availability information helps you find a free computer.

Hugh Robson computer lab

Locations, equipment and opening hours

The webpage below lists the computing facilities across campus, equipment available and opening hours.

Real time availability information

Real time availability of computers is provided to help you find a free machine when and where you need it. Information is available via MyEd or from the sources below:

Main Library

Find available computers in the Main Library

Main Library PC availability information is displayed on the plasma screen on the Ground Floor of the Main Library.

Central area

Find available computers in Central area

Central area PC availability information is displayed on the screen in Appleton Tower concourse.

King’s Buildings

Find available computers at King's Buidlings

King's Building PC availability information is displayed on Level 3 of the James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB).

Moray House & High School Yards

24/7 computers

PCs are available to use 24 hours a day within the Main Library, George Square across these areas:

  1. Lower Ground Floor
  2. Ground Floor
  3. 1st Floor

Cafe computers

  • There are 28 PCs located in the Main Library Cafe.
  • There are 25 PCs located in the JCMB cafe.
  • There are 8 PCs in the ground floor cafe of the Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library.
  • There are 30 PCs in the Appleton Tower cafe area
  • There are 6 PCS in the Roger Land building café

Quick Use computers

Time on Quick Use computers is limited to 15 minutes. After this, the computer will time out. You’ll see a warning after 10 minutes and will be given a 5 minute countdown. You can login again to the same PC after you have been logged out.

ML Quick Use PCs

Location of Quick Use computers

  • Main Library, Ground Floor: 14 PCs
  • Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library, Floor 1: 8 PCs

Halls of residence

Computing facilities are also available at the following halls of residence. Please note access to Mylne’s Court and Richmond Place is limited to residents only.

  • Pollock Halls
  • Mylne’s Court
  • Richmond Place

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