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Affected ServicesDate/TimeImpactDescriptionPlanning
ThankQ CRM moving to Charity CRM cloud service - 28-Sep-2022
  • ThankQ moving to Charity CRM cloud service
  • From: 28-Sep-2022 - 05:00PM To:      11-Oct-2022 - 09:00AM
  • From: 11-Oct-2022 - 09:00AM To:      18-Oct-2022 - 05:00PM
  • 12 days 16 hours Outage
  • 7 days 8 hours At risk
The current on-premise ThankQ service will be turned to a read-only service. The current Donations pages will be updated to advise that Donations will not be possible for the period of outage. The MyEd channel for alumni will be switched off with a message advising that the date for service to be available again is to be confirmed. The University will provide the supplier with the data for the cloud service and the supplier will complete the data migration. This will take a number of days. Once completed, the D&A team will then complete a large amount of checks to ensure the full service is working as expected. ISG will deploy the new Donations portal and IDM connector for the cloud service. The new Alumni portal will be deployed at a later date. planned
Affected ServicesDate/TimeImpactDescriptionPlanning

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