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Current Open Alerts

Affected ServicesDate/TimeImpactDescriptionPlanning
OneTrust will undergo scheduled maintenance
  • From: 03-Apr-2024 - 09:00PM To: 04-Apr-2024 - 01:00AM
  • 4 hours Outage
During the maintenance period, you will not be able to access the OneTrust application console. This will not impact the availability of deployed tools such as banners, consent collection points and the data subject portal.unplanned
IS Virtual Hosting vCenters briefly unavailable
  • Virtual Hosting
  • From: 05-Apr-2024 - 09:00AM To: 05-Apr-2024 - 09:30AM
  • 30 minutes Degraded
The IS Virtual Hosting vCenters -, and - will be powered down briefly for ~ 5mins in order to take snapshots prior to some upgrade work. This will happen between 09:00 and 09:30. It only affects access to the vcenter interface all Virtual Machines will still be available.planned
Eleanor physical move from ACF to JCMB
  • Other
  • From: 08-Apr-2024 - 09:30AM To: 19-Apr-2024 - 05:30PM
  • 11 days, 8 hours Degraded
Eleanor needs to be physically moved from ACF to JCMB; the work will be carried out in three phases in order to minimise disruption and reduce the potential for outages. The stages are detailed in C2402-051 but are: migrate VMs to relevant hypervisors, then physically move servers between locations, then migrate the VMs back onto the moved hypervisors, and then repeat the process two more times.planned
Short Black Start test at the Appleton Tower datacentre
  • From: 09-Apr-2024 - 08:30AM To: 09-Apr-2024 - 08:45AM
  • From: 23-Apr-2024 - 08:30AM To: 23-Apr-2024 - 08:45AM
  • 15 minutes At risk
  • 15 minutes At risk
Due to the discovery of a fault during the recent Black Start test at the Appleton Tower datacentre, Estates and IT Infrastructure would like to carry out regular short tests of the backup power infrastructure at the datacentre. These will involve cutting power for around 10 minutes to check that backup power behaves as expected, and the datacentre returns to mains power when restored. Staff from IT Infrastructure and Estates will be on-site should any issues arise. Tests will last approximately 10 minutes and start at 8.30am. Dates are… - Tuesday 9 April - Tuesday 23 April - Tuesday 7 May - Tuesday 21 Mayplanned
Upgrade of Database Operating System
  • From: 11-Apr-2024 - 09:00AM To: 11-Apr-2024 - 11:00AM
  • From: 11-Apr-2024 - 11:00AM To: 11-Apr-2024 - 12:00PM
  • 2 hours Outage
  • 1 hour At risk
The servers that host the Databases used by the listed applications will be having an essential operating system upgrade. No application changes are being made and the process has been successfully tested in Dev and Test ahead of the upgrade.planned
EdWeb - Pantheon platform maintenance
  • EdWeb
  • From: 12-Apr-2024 - 11:00PM To: 12-Apr-2024 - 11:30PM
  • 30 minutes Outage
3rd party hosting provider, Pantheon, will be conducting live site updates during the specified window.planned
Black Start test at the Appleton Tower datacentre
  • Other
  • From: 13-Apr-2024 - 08:00AM To: 13-Apr-2024 - 11:30AM
  • 3 hours, 30 minutes At risk
Staff from Information Services and Estates will conduct a "Black Start" test of the backup power infrastructure in the Appleton Tower datacentre. A simulated failure of mains electrical power will be carried out to ensure that the backup Uninterruptible Power Supplies, generator, and switching mechanisms are functioning correctly. The datacentre will run on backup power for three hours, allowing staff to monitor the performance of the generator. During the time of the test, staff from Estates, IT Infrastructure and the generator supplier will be onsite to monitor the systems involved, and back out in the event of any problem occurring.planned
Network cabinet work for KB Boilerhouse and Electrical Substation
  • From: 13-Apr-2024 - 08:00AM To: 14-Apr-2024 - 06:00PM
  • 1 day, 10 hours At risk

Network cabinet upgrade works are planned for 0694 Electrical Substation & 0638 KB Boilerhouse over the weekend of Saturday, 13th & Sunday 14th April. These works will be carried out by Computerlinks staff. During these works loss of all network services will take place whilst a new cabinet is installed and the switches reconnected.

Also, 0637 KB House will be affected by the works carried out in 0638 KB Boilerhouse (expected 13th April) as this is connected via a fibre link. However, we expect this to be minimal as the physical swap out of the cables takes place.

In addition, 0606 KB Glasshouse will have a similar minimal outage (expected Sunday, 14th April) as this is connected via a fibre link to 0694 Electrical Substation.

Affected ServicesDate/TimeImpactDescriptionPlanning