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Current Open Alerts

Affected ServicesDate/TimeImpactDescriptionPlanning
Media Hopper Replay - Vendor update cycle
  • Lecture Recording
  • From: 29-Mar-2023 - 07:00PM To:      30-Mar-2023 - 08:00AM
  • 13 hours At risk
The vendor who supplies Media Hopper Replay will be performing an update to Media Hopper Replay overnight on the 29th March. Whilst we do not expect any widespread outage of the service, users may experience temporary access/authorisation disruption whilst the update is performed. planned
Windows Coldfusion 2018 applications - Essential maintenance
  • IS Alerts, ePrint, Witches, Saints,, docs.sasg, docs.csg,, docs.hss
  • 29-Mar-2023 08:30AM - 09:00AM
  • 29-Mar-2023 09:00AM - 09:30AM
  • 30 minutes Outage
  • 30 minutes At risk
Apply new Coldfusion patch to server planned
KBS-DRT Router Software Upgrade
  • Edge Network
  • 29-Mar-2023 07:00AM - 07:30AM
  • 30 minutes At risk
Software will be upgraded using the In-Service Software Upgrade process (ISSU) which allows the routers to be upgraded while serving live traffic. Unfortunately there are a small number of edge switches connected to one router so there will be total loss of network connectivity during the upgrade process. For those switches not covered by the ISSU process there will be 10-13mins loss of network connectivity (wired and wireless) unplanned
Building Network Replacement.
  • Edge Network
  • From: 28-Mar-2023 - 08:00AM - Ongoing
  • 2 days 9 hours Outage
The Wired and wireless network will be unavailable when the work is in progress. There will be disruptions to both wired and Wireless Services during the schedule for long periods (up to 8 hours) when the edge network is upgraded. unplanned
Apple device users experiencing issues connecting to WiFi
  • wifi service - eduroam/resnet
  • From: 15-Mar-2023 - 05:00PM - Ongoing
  • 46 days Degraded
Currently investigating the causes of wifi connection issues with Apple device users unplanned
Affected ServicesDate/TimeImpactDescriptionPlanning

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