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Current Open Alerts

Affected ServicesDate/TimeImpactDescriptionPlanning
IDM and VRS major upgrade
  • ID Management
  • From: 06-Dec-2021 - 12:00PM To:      08-Dec-2021 - 05:00PM
  • From: 08-Dec-2021 - 05:00PM To:      10-Dec-2021 - 05:00PM
  • 2 days 5 hours Outage
  • 2 days At risk

On Monday 6th December IDM and VRS will go through a major upgrade process. The services will be unavailable from 12:00 on Monday 6th, all day Tuesday 7th and returning to service late afternoon on Wednesday 8th. The services will then be at risk all day Thursday 9th. Any users of these services should assume they have no access from 12:00 on Monday 6th December until late afternoon on Wednesday 8th. The technical teams will endeavour to return the service earlier or as soon as safely possible on Wednesday 8th.

This means three things: 1) Data going into IDM will be stopped. For example, student or staff information from Student Records, EUCLID or Staff (Oracle/People & Money) services. 2) Data going out of IDM will be stopped. For example, modifications to student or staff records destined for EASE, email or MyEd. 3) Any Visitor additions/modifications will not be available. For example, adding new Visitors, extending Visits or adding services to Visits.

Communications have been sent to end users and stakeholders including: 1) Service owners of those who sent data into IDM. Namely Student Systems (for major systems like EUCLID) and Human Resources (for major systems like People & Money). 2) Service owners who have systems that rely on data coming out of IDM. For example, EASE, email and MyEd. 3) All Identity Management System users. Namely the people who have administrative permissions on IDM, Computing Officers, and anyone who has the ability to use the IDM interface to lookup identities. 4) All Visitor Registration System users. Namely the people who can Approve/Sponsor Visits or make adjustments to these.

Changes to Mail Directory Unavailable
  • Mail Relay
  • From: 06-Dec-2021 - 12:00PM To:      09-Dec-2021 - 12:00PM
  • 09-Dec-2021 12:00PM - 05:00PM
  • 3 days Degraded
  • 5 hours At risk
Changes to the Mail Directory depend upon the IDM Database, which will be unavailable from 12:00 on 6 December until 17:00 on 8 December. The Mail Directory server will need to have configuration changes made to communicate with the new IDM Database once it becomes available. planned
ECA Lauriston Campus Network Upgrade
  • Edge Network
  • From: 06-Dec-2021 - 08:00AM To:      17-Dec-2021 - 05:00PM
  • 11 days 9 hours Degraded
Upgrade of network infrastructure to all buildings at ECA Lauriston Campus . This will take place over the course of two weeks starting from 6th December. planned
Fault with backup power at the Appleton Tower datacentre
  • Services using the Appleton Tower datacentre
  • From: 03-Dec-2021 - 10:46PM - Ongoing
  • 2 days 18 hours 14 minutes At risk
We've been notified of a fault with the UPSin the Appleton Tower Datacentre. Suppliers have been contacted and engineers will be on with this afternoon. unplanned
Datastore patching
  • datastore
  • From: 29-Nov-2021 - 09:00AM To:      06-Dec-2021 - 05:00PM
  • 7 days 8 hours At risk
The host OS will be patched and the GPFS core software will be updated on top of this. There are over 20 nodes, so the update will be a rolling one across the estate. There will be a short disruption to each college presentation server lasting about 1min at some point over the week. More details on this change are in C2110-036. planned
Eleanor Openstack upgrade
  • Eleanor
  • From: 22-Nov-2021 - 09:00AM To:      06-Dec-2021 - 05:00PM
  • 14 days 8 hours At risk
Hypervisor OS is being updated, and the OpenStack software is being updated. Rolling updates to the hypervisor will mean VMs are migrated between hosts. planned

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