Information Services

Send your Resource List to the Library for review

Academics can send their Resource Lists to the Library throughout the academic year.

Send lists to the Library for review

The Library is not automatically notified when a Resource List is published in Leganto. Select the 'Send to Library' option before publishing your list if you would like the Library to take any action.

If only a few minor changes have been made to the list, and no follow up action is required from the Library, you do not need to do this.

When should I send my Resource List to the Library?

Course Organisers can send us their lists throughout the academic year

We recommend sending a list for review if:

  • You have created a brand new Resource List;
  • You have added new resources to your Resource List;
  • You have changed the number of expected students;
  • You expect the Library to take action; for example when:
    • You have used the 'Send a note to librarian' option to request new or additional copies of (e)books;
    • You have used the 'Send a note to librarian' option to request ereserve scans.
  • You would like the Library to check the links on your Resource List and/or the Resource List’s structure.

How do I send my list to the Library?

You can select 'Send to Library' from the 'Reading list options' menu at the top of the list. 

What will the Library do?

When the Library receives a resource list, we will:

  • Use expected student numbers and the priorities assigned to each item to check if sufficient numbers of copies are held, and, if necessary, process book recommendations for new or additional copies;
  • Check for notes and pass any requests for new or additional copies or ereserve scans to the relevant team;
  • Forward details of ‘Essential’ items to HUB and reserve teams;
  • Check the links on your Resource List.

In addition, when the list is newly-created by the Course Organiser, the Library will:

  • Check items on the Resource List against existing Library holdings.

What happens when the Library has processed the Resource List?

When the Library has finished processing the Resource List:

  • We will send the Course Organiser a summary of actions taken. This includes details of current library holdings, any book recommendations made or any changes to broken links.
  • If the Resource List hasn’t already been published, the Course Organiser should publish the Resource List when ready.
  • Course Organisers may be contacted by other Library teams for clarification on ereserve requests or updates on book recommendations made.