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Send your Resource List to the Library for review

Course Organisers should review and update their Resource Lists for the new academic year and send their lists to the Library by 6th November. Send lists for review throughout the year when new items have been added or new digitisations have been requested.

Editing your Resource List for Semester 2 2020/21

Please read this guide for  a summary of how the Library will manage the provision of Library materials for Sem 2 2020/21 and actions for Course organisers.

A  separate guide and video on how to edit a Resource List is available. 

When should I send my Resource List to the Library?

Course Organisers should review their Resource Lists in preparation for the new academic year and send their updated Resource Lists for Sem 2 2020/21 to the Library by 6th November to give the Library sufficient time to check for availability, purchase e-books and books and provide copyright-compliant digitisations of key chapters/pages. The Library will prioritise work on lists received on or before the deadline. Lists received after the deadline will be prioritised based on date received.

Course Organsiers can also send their lists for review throughout the academic year when new items have been added to a list or new digitisations have been requested.

Once your Resource List is set up, you can continue to edit and add resources. Use the ‘Send the list for review’ button (at the top of the list) when you want the Library to act eg check for an e-book or provide a scan. If you don’t expect the Library to take any action, there is no need to send the list to us again. 

How do I send my list to the Library?

Use the 'Send List for Review' button at the top of the page to send your list to the Library. 

When you send you list for review 

The Library will: 

  1. Check every citation against current holdings and automatically check for e-book availability for Essential and Recommended items.
  2. Check all links on a list and make sure the most appropriate web address is being used and that links are working.
  3. Check that any files that have been uploaded to the list are copyright-compliant.
  4. Pass requests for copyright-compliant digitisations and/or book purchases to the relevant teams in the Library. 
  5. If a digitisation of a key chapter or pages can be provided, the Library will link the scan to the corresponding citation on the Resource List and add a Digitisation available tag to highlight availability to students.
  6. When new books or ebooks are available, links on Resource Lists will be updated.
  7. The relevant Library team will be in touch if there are any issues in sourcing materials

When the Resource List has been reviewed

The Library will:

  • Send an acknowledgement email highglighting any issues or actions taken;
  • Publish the Resource List;
  • Send notifications to let Course organisers know if an e-book has been purchased or is not available;
  • Add new e-books, books or digitisations will be added to the list as and when they become available. 


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