Information Services

How to request books for Reserve (3-hour loan)

The Library uses Resource Lists to manage items in Reserve collections. Print books prioritised as ‘Essential’ will be made available for 3-hour loan, up to a maximum of five copies per title.

If you are creating or updating a Resource List yourself

  • Add an ‘Essential’ priority tag to the relevant citations
  • When you have finished all editing, click the ‘Request a Library review’ button

If the Library will be creating or updating your Resource List

  • Provide a list of course resources with full references
  • Highlight the books that are 'Essential' reading
  • Use the online form to send it to the Library

What happens next?

We automatically check every book citation highlighted or tagged as ‘Essential’. If no suitable e-book is available to purchase and you did not specify any chapters for digitisation, Library teams will move items from the general collections to Reserve and / or order more copies.

The ratio we use is 1 book per 20 students, with a maximum of 5 copies per title on 3-hour loan and any additional copies located in short or standard loan. 

Requesting additional books for Reserve after Semester has started

If the Semester submission deadline has passed, or you wish to add some new resources during the academic year, you can still make Reserve requests. These are prioritised by date received:

  • Add the new citation to your list
  • Add an ‘Essential’ priority tag
  • Click on the citation and open the Library Discussion in the right-hand panel
  • Add a note in the expandable box with any specific instructions for book purchases or moves
  • Click on ‘Submit comment’
  • When you have finished all editing, click the ‘Request a Library review’ button.

If you do not have a Resource List

You can ask the Library to set one up for your course. Please send an annotated reading list to the Library using the online form or contact