Information Services

Purchasing new materials for teaching

Use your Resource List to make new purchase requests for teaching. The Library buys materials based on priority and student numbers. You can ask the Library to buy new materials throughout the academic year.

Update your Resource List and request a Library review

If you send your list to the Library for review, we will check availability of all  Essential and Recommended items on your list and if a suitable e-book is available to purchase.  If no suitable e-book is available,  we will buy print copies according to the agreed ratios.  

Priority  No. copies  purchased 
Essential  1 copy per 20 students (maximum of 15 copies of any one title)
Recommended 1 copy per 40 students

If we provide a scan and no e-book is available, we will ensure we hold a maximum of 4 print copies for 'Essential' items and a maximum of 2 print copies for 'Recommended' items.

Remember to:

  • Prioritise your requests using Key text, Essential or Recommended reading tags
  • Use the 'Request Library Review’ button at the top of your Resource List so that we receive your requests. 

Further reading 

In 2023/24, the Library will not purchase new Further reading items for teaching. Students are encouraged to use Interlibrary Loans (ILL) or Request A Book (RaB) to access any Further reading not held by the Library.