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Course Organisers can send their reading lists to the Library to set up a Resource List for their course. The Semester 2 deadline is 6th November 2020. You can send your Semester 2 reading list whenever it's ready using the form below.

Semester 2 2020/21

To allow sufficient time to provide access to materials, Semester 2 Resource Lists should be sent to the Library by 6th November 2020. The Library will prioritise work on lists received on or before the deadline. Lists received after the deadline will be prioritised based on date received.

For information on how the Library will manage the provision of Library materials in Semester 2 2020/21 and actions for Course organisers read Manage your course reading (updated for Semester 2)

Service summary

  • The Library will check e-book availability for ALL Essential and Recommended items.
  • We will prioritise checks and provision of ‘Essential’ reading items. Recommended reading requests will be processed when ‘Essential’ reading requests have been completed.

  • There is no automatic purchase of ‘Further reading’. Course organisers can request purchase on a title by title basis. ‘Further reading’ requests will be processed after work on ‘Essential’ and ‘Recommended’ requests is completed. Timescales will depend on the volume of requests received.

  • For Semester 1 2020/21 multiple copies of print books will not be purchased. Single copies will be purchased to allow for copyright-compliant digitisations.
  • Single copies of new Essential and Recommended print books will be located in Reserve and Short Loan respectively. However, as it is not possible to operate a highly circulating book collection at the moment, there will be no additional moves of print books to Reserve or Short Loan for Semester 2. The loan period for all existing Reserve items has been extended to one week. 
  • Any new e-books, books or digitisations will be added to the list as and when they become available. 
  • Course organisers will receive notification emails to let them know if an e-book has been purchased or is not available.
  • The Library doesn’t limit the number of items on a list. However, Resource Lists with more than 200 citations will be managed in consideration of resource, time and budget. 

Key texts 

The Library will automatically check e-book availability for ALL Essential and Recommended titles. However, you may wish to highlight a ‘key text’. A maximum of 3 'key texts' per course may be identified. 

In this case, a key text is a title that is used frequently throughout the course or which is core to the teaching of the course. If key texts are not readily available as e-books on an institutional licence basis, the Library may be able to negotiate access based on total number of students enrolled on courses recommending the title. 

Collating the data and negotiating access can take time and e-books provided in this way are sometimes prohibitively expensive.  Also, in some cases, publishers simply do not have digitised versions of texts available for sale or lease on an institutional licence basis, this can often be the case with smaller, niche publishers, or older texts.

Key texts should only be flagged via Resource Lists when no alternative is readily available and you would like the Library to take these additional steps to try to source an online version. Be aware there is no guarantee that this will result in an e-book being made available. Be prepared to use an alternative text if a title is not available as an e-book.

Send your list to the Library 

For each Resource List:

  • Complete the online form 
  • Attach your annotated reading list

1. Annotate your reading list

  1. Provide a list of course resources required with full references.
  2. Prioritise items on the list using Essential, Recommended and Further Reading. These priorities inform how the Library will manage the provision of resources. If items on a list are not prioritised, no purchases or e-book checks will be carried out for these items.
  3. Indicate readings for which you would like the Library to try to source a copyright-compliant digitisation. Include chapter details and page numbers. 
  4. Indicate any titles that are key texts these are texts for which are core to your teaching and for which a digital verison is essential. The Library may be able to take extra steps to source a digital copy (more information above).
  5. State clearly if you do not want the most recent edition available added to the list. 

2. Complete the online form and attach your list

The online form asks for information about the course including course name, code and student numbers. You are also required to attach your annotated reading list. 

Resource List request form (EASE login required)



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