Information Services

New lists option 1: Resource List created by Library

Academics can send their reading lists to the Library and we will create the resource list.

What information does the Library need?

For each resource list:

  • Complete the online form (this has replaced the coversheet used in previous years)
  • Attach your annotated reading list

1. Annotate your reading list

  1. Provide a list of course resources required with full references.
  2. Prioritise items on the list using ‘Essential’, ‘Recommended’ and ‘Further Reading’.
  3. Indicate readings you would like to be scanned by the E-reserve team and include chapter or page numbers.
  4. State clearly if you do not want the most recent edition available added to the list. (By default, we will add the most recent edition held by the Library to the list. If you want to use a specific edition, please highlight this by adding a note.)

2. Complete the online form and attach your list

The online form asks for information about the course, including course name, code and student numbers. You are also required to attach your annotated reading list. This has replaced the coversheet, used in previous years

Resource list request form (EASE login required)


If you have any questions, contact: