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Send new Resource Lists to the Library

The Library can help set up new Resource Lists for Course Organisers.

Course Organisers can use the form below to send their new Resource Lists to the Library.  

Term 3:  If your course runs in Terms 3 (11 April ‐ 24 June 2022), the deadline for sending your Resource List to the Library is 17 January.

Information on manging course reading in 2021/22

Manage your course reading (PDF)

The Library will set up a Resource List if: 

  1. the course has never had a Resource List before
  2. the Course Organiser has changed 
  3. the Course Organiser is new to the University 
  4. there are accessibility reasons

Updates to existing lists 

In 2021/22 Course Organisers are expected to review and update their existing lists themselves and then use the 'Send list for review' option at the top of the Resource List to send their list(s) to the Library. The Library will then check availability of items and process any new purchase or scan requests. Guides and short videos are available to help you add, remove or re-arrange items on your list(s). Course Organisers can also arrange a 1-2-1  with Library Learning Services via Microsoft Teams. Contact Library Learning Services to arrange a call. 

Send your new list to the Library 

For each Resource List:

  • Complete the online form 
  • Attach your annotated reading list

1. Annotate your reading list

  1. Provide a list of course resources required with full references.
  2. Prioritise items on the list using Essential, Recommended and Further Reading. These priorities inform how the Library will manage the provision of resources. If items on a list are not prioritised, no purchases or e-book checks will be carried out for these items.
  3. Indicate readings for which you would like the Library to try to source a copyright-compliant digitisation. Include chapter details and page numbers. 
  4. You may identify one ‘key text’ per course. A 'key text' is defined as being core to your teaching and for which a digital verison is essential. The Library may be able to take extra steps to source a digital copy, however, this is not guaranteed. Additional key texts may be identified for indisciplinary courses.
  5. State clearly if you do not want the most recent edition available added to the list. 

2. Complete the online form and attach your list

The online form asks for information about the course including course name, code and student numbers. You are also required to attach your annotated reading list. 

Resource List request form (EASE login required)



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