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Use Resource Lists to manage course reading

Resource Lists are the Library’s preferred route for managing the provision of course reading. Using your Resource List, you can request book purchases, ask the Library to move books to HUB/Reserve, and request copyright-compliant digitisations.

Request a book purchase

Instead of emailing Library teams or filling out multiple forms, you can request book purchases using your Resource List. The Library will automatically purchase new or additional copies of books to meet ratios.

To do this:

  1. Add the book to your Resource List
  2. Tag the book as 'Essential' or 'Recommended'
  3. Send the list to the Library for review (use the button at the top of your list).

Book purchases are based on the number of students on the course and the priority assigned to the book on the Resource List. If items on a Resource List haven't been prioritised, no automatic purchases will be made. The Library has an e-preference policy. If a suitable ebook is available, it will be purchased instead of any additional or new print copies.

Book purchasing ratios*

Priority Purchased Location
Essential 1 copy per 20 students

Distributed across HUB Reserve, Short and Standard Loan,

as per ratios.

Recommended 1 copy per 40 students Short Loan**
Further Reading Direct request required from Course Organiser – 1 copy purchased. Standard Loan

*  Purchases from MVM courses are informed by the relevant Academic Support Librarian

**Applies only to new acquisitions

Request book moves to Reserve

If you have a Resource List, the Library will automatically distribute copies of ‘Essential’ and ‘Recommended’ books across  Reserve, Short and Standard Loan. You can also ask the Library to move extra books to Reserve at any time during the year: tag the book as ‘Essential’, send the Resource List to the Library for review, and then we will move copies to Reserve.

Please note: You can use Library Discussion to send a message to the Library about individual items on your list. Use this to let us know if you have any special instructions for book purchases or book moves.

Request a digitisation

The Library's Ereserve team provide copyright-compliant digitisations for teaching. Use your Resource List to request digitisations of book chapter, pages, or journal articles.

To do this:

  1. Add the book to your Resource List
  2. Tag the item as 'Essential', 'Recommended', or 'Further Reading' AND 'Digitisation request'
  3. Add a note in the 'Library Discussion' panel to tell the Library which pages to scan
  4. Send the list to the Library for review

More information

Manage your course reading guide [PDF]

This includes step-by-step guidance to show you how to:

  1. Add a new resource to your list
  2. Request a book purchase
  3. Request book moves to HUB or Reserve
  4. Request a copyright-compliant digitisation


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