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New lists option 2: Resource List created by Course Organiser

Course Organisers can create their own Resource Lists using Leganto. Set up your Semester 2 list and send it the Library to review by 23rd October 2019.

Deadline: Semester 2 2019/20

If you'd like a Resource List for a Semester 2 course, send your list to the Library by Wednesday 23rd October. You can still send lists to the Library after the deadline, but we can't guarantee all items (including scans) will be available for the start of teaching. Use the online form if you'd like the Library to set up the list or, if you're setting it up yourself, use the 'Send list for review' button to send the list to us to review. 

Get started

  1. Access Resource Lists from your course's Learn/Moodle page. Alternatively, go to the Resource Lists homepage ( and log in under 'Guest' using your EASE username and password. 
  2. Follow our guides and video tutorials  to create your Resource List: Resource Lists Guides
  3. Remember to use the 'Send list for review' button at the top of the list, if you want the Library to buy any new or additional copies of books, check access to online resources or provide digitisations of key chapters.
  4. Contact Library Learning Services if you have any questions or issues:

How the Library will order books for courses

Remember: tag your list items to help the Library buy the correct number of copies.

The number of copies purchased is based on the priority given to the book and the number of students on the course. 

For ‘Essential’ books, we’ll make sure there is one copy per 20 students. For ‘Recommended’ reading, it’s one copy per 40 students. No ‘Further Reading’ will be purchased automatically. But you can request purchase of ‘Further Reading’ on a title-by-title basis using Library Discussion.

More information on how to manage your course reading using Resource Lists [PDF]

How the Library will distribute books across loan periods

If you have a Resource List for your course, print copies of 'Essential' and 'Recommended' books will automatically be distributed across Reserve, Short Loan and Standard Loan.  At least one copy of all 'Essential' books will automatically be located in Reserve (three hour loan). A maximum of five copies of any one title will be located in Reserve. The remainder of the copies will be distributed across Short and Standard Loan. 

What happens when you send your list to the Library for review?

  1. The Library will check every citation against current holdings and automatically purchase new or additional copies of books to meet the ratios outlined above.
  2. We will also check all links on a list and make sure the most appropriate web address is being used and that links are working.
  3. Requests for digitisations and/or book purchases will be passed to the relevant teams in the Library. 
  4. When digitisations are ready, the Library will add the link to the scan to the Resource List.
  5. When new books or ebooks are available, links on the list will be updated.
  6. Library staff will move books into HUB/Reserve or Short/Standard Loan based on the priority assigned to items.
  7. The relevant Library team will contact you if there are any issues in sourcing materials 

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