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Resource Lists guides

A series of short guides for staff and students on using Leganto and the Resource Lists service.

Resource Lists student guide

This guide will help students to:

  1. Find a Resource List
  2. Use the features available to view a list, search for items and manage their reading
  3. Export a Resource List as a bibliography

Guide: Quick guide for students (PDF)

Video: Find your way around your Resource List

Resource Lists workbooks for course organisers

1. These ten steps are all you need to get started with Resource Lists, enabling you to create, publish and update your list.

Guide: Get started: 10 Steps to Publishing a Resource List (PDF)

Video: How to add the Cite It tool

2. This workbook focuses on how to edit your Resource List and on using it to request new purchases, digitisations and moves to Reserve .

Guide: Beyond the Basics (PDF)


Resource Lists quick guides

1. Edit your Resource List

This guide will show course organisers how to:

  1. Add a new resource to your list
  2. Delete resources on your list
  3. Move resources on your list
  4. Send your list to the Library for review

Guide: Edit your Resource List (PDF)

Video: How to edit your Resource List

2. Manage your course reading

This guide will show course organisers how to:

  1. Add a new resource to your list
  2. Request a book purchase
  3. Request book moves to HUB or Reserve
  4. Request a copyright-compliant digitisation

Guide: Manage your course reading (PDF)

Video: How to manage your course reading

LEARN: Make the link visible to students

Students can't see the link to the Resource List if there is a score through the box next to the link on the main menu in Learn.

To make your list available to students in Learn, make sure:

  1. The Resource List is published
  2. The list is associated with the correct course code
  3. The Resource List link in the Learn menu is unhidden

Guidance is available for schools using the University course template and school-specific templates:

University course template

Guide: Enable the Resource Lists tool in LEARN (PDF)

Resource Lists blog

The Resource Lists blog is regularly updated with tips and ideas for making the most of the service.

Resource Lists Blog

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