Information Services

What is the Resource Lists service?

The Resource Lists service uses Leganto to create and manage online reading lists.

The key benefits of the Resource Lists service are:

Students: to provide and facilitate access to key course materials and, as a result, improve the student experience. Benefits to students include:

  • Key resources become more accessible to students: students spend more time reading items on their lists than searching for them.
  • Students can quickly see which items are 'Essential' reading: Resource Lists help students to prioritise their reading.
  • Improved discovery of resources: students are introduced to key resources and signposted to further reading.

Academics: to simplify and streamline access to Library services, saving time and better supporting learning and teaching.

  • Create your list in 10 simple steps or ask the Library to create one for you. 
  • Ensure that the Library always has adequate copies for items on your list.
  • Easily request scans to be made by the Library.

Library: to make better informed purchasing choices, based on information gathered via Resource Lists.

How the Library will order books for courses

Accessible and inclusive learning: using Resource Lists  enables students to prioritise readings and complies with the University's Accessible and Inclusive Learning Policy.

Accessible and Inclusive Learning Policy (PDF)