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Resource Lists are online reading lists. Resource Lists provide students with easy access to key reading materials including ebooks and copyright-compliant digitisations. Course organisers can request library resources via Resource Lists.

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Deadline: Semester 2  2019/20 

If you'd like a Resource List for a Semester 2 course send your list to the Library by Wednesday 23rd October. You can still send lists to the Library after the deadline but we can't guarantee all items (including scans) will be available for the start of teaching. Use the online form if you'd like the Library to set up the list or, if you're setting it up yourself, use the 'Send list for review' button to send the list to us to review. 

Training sessions: Book via MyEd for An Introduction to Resource Lists on 9th October or 17th October.


What is the Resource Lists service?

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The Resource Lists service uses Leganto to provide online reading lists for students and help Course Organisers manage the provision of materials for teaching.

Resource Lists Framework

The Resource Lists Framework states that Resource Lists are the preferred route to manage library materials for teaching, summarises the service you can expect from the Library and outlines good practice.

Resource Lists: Information for Course Organisers

The Resource Lists service makes it easier for academics to request core teaching materials from the Library. Help is provided by the Library to set up and review lists.

Resource Lists: Information for Students

Resource Lists provide quick and easy access to a wide range of course resources so you can spend more time on your course reading.

Resource Lists guides

A series of short guides for staff and students on using Leganto and the Resource Lists service.


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