Record your research impact information

Top reasons for keeping track of the impact your research has on society include:

  • Personal - knowledge exchange and impact is increasingly important for promotion and recruitment to academic posts.  

View the 'Exemplars of Excellence in Knowledge Exchange' on the HR website for an overview of evidence that can be used in promotion cases.

  • Project - funders ask for reports on the societal impact of research. This is particularly evident with the Research Councils, but all funders want to see the difference their funding makes. 
  • Institutional - research impact was assessed for the first time as part of the Research Excellence Framework in 2014. It counted for 20% of the score in the rankings, but when the Scottish Funding Council allocated funding, 26% was based on impact. We expect this to increase in the next REF.


Resources to help you identify and record impact at UoE:

Recording impact: a simple flowchart


Recording impact: a detailed guide


Recording impact: FAQs


What counts as evidence of impact?