New Edinburgh Research Explorer

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The University of Edinburgh online research portal, Edinburgh Research Explorer, is being upgraded.  

Edinburgh Research Explorer (ERE) is a hub for exploring the pioneering research that makes us a world-leading centre of excellence. It is the front-end public-facing display of the content in Pure, the current research information system (CRIS) used by the University of Edinburgh. 

The new upgrade will see us move from the current custom portal to a cloud portal. This will not have any effect on research information held in Pure, but will make the information more accessible with a clean design and enhanced functionality.  


Video: An Introduction to the Edinburgh Research Explorer Pure Portal
A short video introduction to the new Edinburgh Research Explorer, the University of Edinburgh's research portal. This portal displays information from Pure, the University's current research information system.


Pure Profile Checklist

This is a good time to reflect on how effectively your Pure profile represents you and your research. Use the checklist below to ensure your profile is up-to-date and ready for the new ERE.



Help and guidance is available from

College/Pure contacts 

Pure Helpline – pure@ed.ac.uk 

Contact us on Microsoft Teams 

Keep a look out for events and training sessions for the new Edinburgh Research Explorer on MyEd events.