Research projects you are involved in

The Projects section contains information about research grants awarded to you which may be held by UoE or other organisations. To avoid confusion between Funding and Projects, please take a few minutes to review the following:


Looking to amend incorrectly recorded primary data (wrong amounts, project titles, PI split)?

You need to contact Research Grants team who essentially own the data, with details/evidence of corrections required, and supplying the job code. If you are not the PI of the project in question, it is always a good idea to contact the PI in the first place.

Research Grants contacts


Looking to add secondary data to a UoE-held grant?


Looking to record a non-UoE-held, or University awarded (internal) grant??


External Persons Affiliations

The external persons affiliations on project records in Pure populate the research network map on the Pure Portal. If there are no external persons affiliations on a project record, the network map on profile pages will not include that project record and may appear empty.

Please follow the steps below to add external persons affiliations to the project records.